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Open year round, our farm stand is a reminder of a different time. We work closely with farmers and producers in order to offer quality, healthy, Local Products. We seek out the highest quality  Seasonal Produce we can find to stock our farm stand, as well as to use in our array of Preserves. Our mission is to offer a healthy product and be environmentally and socially responsible. We aim to do this while keeping up high standards of quality and taste. We believe in supporting our local economies and communities. To that end, we buy our produce directly from  Small Local Farmers who grow their crops sustainably with minimal impact on wildlife and the environment. We believe that by providing healthy and delicious food in a way that supports local communities, the local economy, and the environment, we can contribute to a more balanced and healthy world.


Photo of Josh at the Fruit Stand

Pictured: Owner Josh Rickett at the Stand

Since it started in 1982 by Michael and Ceceilia Rickett, Ceceilia's Gardens has been a family run business and has been an integral part of the community. In the spring of 2010 Josh (their son) took over the business with a new vision after spending time in Hawaii. Committed to quality, the environment, and supporting the local community, he sells only good tasting, organic (or no spray) produce sourced from small local farms. Inspired by his love of good food and a desire to preserve the flavors of the season, he began to make jam and pickles. Since then he has perfected his craft and makes delicious pickles, jam, preserves, fruit butters, and kimchi.


Farms and FarmersFARMERS
SHIPPING FRUIT: <br>Currently we are able to ship Apples, Pears, Mandarine, Various Citrus,<br> Plums & Mangos when in Season through Special Order. SHIPPING FRUIT
 WHOLESALE INQUIRIES: <br>If you have a store, business or restaurant and are interested in a wholesale account,<br> we supply produce and preserves in bulk and at wholesale prices. <br>Please email WHOLESALE

"Always helpful with seemingly customized help, Josh seems to me tuned in to each customer and offers things he thinks/knows YOU individually might need/enjoy... Josh is always so friendly, and generally just a joy to deal with. His range of knowledge about foods , and even life, is refreshing and always useful and welcome...He is the real deal, and BELIEVES in what he is doing!"
William R.



Fruit & Vegetables: What's in Season & When

SPRING FRUIT: <br><em>(March through May)</em><br>
       Meyer Lemons<br> Blood Oranges <br>Tangelos <br> Kumquats <br> Mandarines: Murcott, Page, Clementine <br>Mangos (year round)<br>
      Ruby Red Grapefruit (year round)<br> Strawberries <br> Blackberries <br> Apples: Fuji, Pink Lady <br> Pears <br> Passion Fruit <br> Rhubarb (April-May)
      <br> Avocados (year round) <br> Raspberries <br>Cherries (May)<br> Apricots (May) <br> Apriums (May) <br> Mulberries (May) <br>
      Blueberries (May)<br> Peaches (May)<br>Nectarines (May)<br> Navel Oranges (May) <br>Tomatoes (May): Cherry, GreenhouseSPRING FRUIT
SUMMER FRUIT:<br><em>(June through August)</em><br> 
      Cherries (June)<br>Apricots (June-July)<br>Blueberries<br>Raspberries<br>Tayberries(June)<br>Blackberries<br>Olallieberries(June)<br>Peaches<br>Nectarines<br>
      Nectaplums (July)<br>Plums<br>Apriums(June)<br>Pluots<br>Melons <br>Apples (August)<br>Grapes(July-August)<br>Watermelon (July-August)<br>
      Navel Oranges<br>Lemons<br> Ruby Red Grapefruit (year round)<br> Avocados (year round)<br>Tomatoes: Heirlooms, Cherry, Dry Farm (August)<br>Figs<br>Bananas (year round)<br>Mangos(year round)SUMMER FRUIT
FALL FRUIT:<br><em>(September through November)</em>
      <br>Apples: <br>Over 20 Heirloom Varieties <br>Pomegranates<br>Heirloom Pears Varieties<br>Persimmons:<br>Fuyu<br>Chocolate<br>Grapes<br>
      Strawberries<br>Raspberries<br>Blackberries<br>Figs (September-October)<br>Tomatoes: Heirloom, Dry Farm<br>Melons<br>
      Watermelons (September)<br>Plums (September)<br>Pluots (September)<br>Yellow Peaches (September)<br>Nectarines (September)<br>
      Satsuma Mandarines (November)<br>Cranberries (November)<br>Meyer Lemons (November)<br> Valencia Oranges<br> Ruby Red Grapefruit (year round)<br>Bananas (year round)
      <br>Mangos(year round)AUTUMN FRUIT
WINTER FRUIT:<br><em>(December through February)</em><br>
      Meyer Lemons<br> Blood Oranges <br>Tangelos <br> Kumquats <br> Mandarines: Satsuma <br>Mangos (year round)<br>Pears<br>
      Ruby Red Grapefruit (year round)<br> Strawberries <br> Blackberries <br> Apples: Fuji, Pink Lady <br> Pears <br> Passion Fruit <br> Valencia Oranges
      <br> Avocados (year round) <br> Raspberries <br>Persimmons:<br>Fuyu<br>Chocolate <br>Tomatoes: Greenhouse<br>Bananas (year round)
      <br>Mangos(year round)WINTER FRUIT
SPRING VEGETABLES:<br><em>(March through May)</em><br>
      Broccoli (year round)<br>Cauliflower (year round)<br>Beets<br>Carrots (year round)<br>Summer Squash<br>Fingerling Potatoes (year round)<br>Snap Beans<br>Artichokes<br>Brussels Sprouts<br>Leaks<br>Winter Squash<br>Squash Blossoms<br>
      Onions (year round)<br>Garlic (year round)<br>Sweet Potatoes (year round)<br>Ginger (year round)<br>Pickling CucumbersSPRING VEGETABLES
SUMMER VEGETABLES:<br><em>(June through August)</em><br>
      Broccoli (year round)<br>Cauliflower (year round)<br>Carrots (year round)<br>Summer Squash<br>Fingerling Potatoes (year round)<br>Snap Beans<br>Artichokes<br>
      Brussels Sprouts (June)<br>Leaks<br>Winter Squash<br>Squash Blossoms<br>Onions (year round)<br>Garlic (year round)<br>Sweet Potatoes (year round)<br>Ginger (year round)<br>pickling cucumbers
      Eggplant <br> Okra<br>Corn<br>Sweet Peppers<br>Hot Peppers<br>TomatillosSUMMER VEGETABLES
AUTUMN  VEGETABLES:<br><em>(September through November)</em><br>
      Broccoli (year round)<br>Cauliflower (year round)<br>Carrots (year round)<br>Summer Squash<br>Fingerling Potatoes (year round)<br>Snap Beans<br>Artichokes<br>
      Dried Beans<br>Pumpkins (September, October)<br>Winter Squash<br>Squash Blossoms<br>Onions (year round)<br>Garlic (year round)<br>Sweet Potatoes (year round)<br>Ginger (year round)<br>pickling cucumbers
      Eggplant <br> Okra<br>Corn (September)<br>Romenesco<br>Napa Cabbage<br>Green Cabbage<br>Russet Potatoes<br>Sweet Peppers<br>Hot Peppers<br>AUTUMN VEGETABLES
WINTER VEGETABLES:<br><em>(September through November)</em><br>
      Broccoli (year round)<br>Cauliflower (year round)<br>Carrots (year round)<br>Zucchini<br>Fingerling Potatoes (year round)<br>Leaks<br>
      Winter Squash<br>Onions (year round)<br>Garlic (year round)<br>Sweet Potatoes (year round)<br>Ginger (year round)
      <br>Napa Cabbage<br> Green Cabbage<br>Red Bell Peppers<br>WINTER VEGETABLES
"The ONLY place to go for the freshest fruits and veggies!!!"
"Love the selection, all medicine for your spirit. Wonderful place, I always hit this spot up when I travel across the Golden Gate."
Rassan Q.
"Always the best and freshest in veggies and fruit. Try any of the canned items and you WON'T be disappointed."
Jaclyn C.


Using the absolute best seasonal produce from local farms, we craft high quality gourmet preserves. We are invested in the beautiful tradition of preserving the harvest: calling forth the essence of the of flavor of fruit or vegetables we use in our array of products. By preserving local produce when it is abundant, we are able to make it possible for you to enjoy local food year-round.

Buy our Preserves online at CeceiliasCellar ETSY SHOP

Blackberry Jam in Copper PotJAM
FRUIT BUTTERS: <br> Our Fruit Butters are oven-roasted, creamy, spiced fall treats.<br> They are made with fresh seasonal fruit and are low in sugar (do not contain any actually butter).<br>Apple Butter<br>Cardamom Persimmon Butter<br>Good Food Award Winner: Curried Pumpkin Butter (available seasonally)FRUIT BUTTERS
MARMALADE:<br> An old world favorite, usually comprised of two parts: one part jelly and one part citrus peel.<br> Our marmalade is made using fresh fruit without pectin and takes two days to make.<br> The long cooking time gives it a very full bodied flavor. <br>Blood-Orange Raspberry Marmalade<br>Dry-Farmed Tomato Marmalade<br>Strawberry Kumquat<br>Valencia Orange MarmaladeMARMALADE
FRUIT PRESERVES:<br>Using perfectly ripe fruit preserved in simple syrup, these are a classic throwback to simpler times.<br> Summertime harvest perfectly captured in a jar making a delicious winter treat.<br> Guaranteed to be delicious: Make into a pie, eat with vanilla ice cream, or have straight out of the jar. <br> Lavender Preserved Nectaplums<br>Preserved Pluots<br>Rose Preserved Peaches<br>vanilla Preserved ApricotsFRUIT PRESERVES
PICKLES:<br>We use produce picked on the same day that we make it into pickles, insuring the crunchiest,<br> freshest pickles available on the market. Loaded with fresh herbs and whole spices, we craft unique <br>spice mixtures to bring out the best flavor of the vegetables we pickle. Handmade in small batches, <br>our pickles are crunchy, salty and flavored unlike any pickle you can find in the grocery store.<br>Garlic Dill Cucumber Pickles<br>Spicy Cardamom Cucumber Pickles (Good Food Award Winner)<br>Bread and Butter Cucumber Pickles<br>Early Spring Pickle Mix<br>Summer Dill Pickle Mix<br>Harvest Pickle Mix<br>Dilly Beans<br> Cajun Pickled Okra<br> Heirloom Pickled Beets<br>Pickled JalapeƱos <br>PICKLES
KIMCHI:<br>Kimchi is a Korean style low salt Sauerkraut. It ferments in half <br>the time and therefore is less sour than Sauerkraut. Our more modern take on Kimchi <br>is more accessible than traditional kimchi and is very versatile. It is crunchy, spicy, sour, savory,<br> salty and sweet (with no added sugar). We infuse new and unusual flavors; something for every palate.  <br>Beef Bone Broth Kimchi<br>Beet Carrot Kimchi<br>Green Papaya Thai Kimchi<br>Meyer Lemon Kimchi<br>Peach Daikon Kimchi<br>Persimmon KimchiKIMCHI
SALSA: <br>Oven-roasted smokey rich flavored salsa. <br>We use freshly picked tomatoes and tomatillos. They are picked and made into salsa within one day.<br> The tomatoes are farmed using a technique called dry farming which intensifies<br> the sweet flavor of the tomato on the vine. <br>We are the only salsa on the market that uses fresh tomatoes (not out of can). Chef's Favorite. <br>Fire Roasted Dry Farmed Tomato Salsa<br>Tomatillo and Green Chili SalsaSALSA
SAUERKRAUT:<br>An Eastern European favorite with a California twist.<br> A very fresh tasting, low-salt, flavorful Sauerkraut. Probiotic. Perfect on sandwiches and BBQ.<br>Cucumber JalapeƱo SauerkrautSAUERKRAUT
"The spicy cardamom pickles are amazing. Everyone should eat them. Twice."
Michael L
"My daughters are now addicted to the ever-evolving spectrum of delicious jams and marmalades... so good!"
Aaron X.
"Love everything! Spicy salsa and everything pickled are SOOO good!"
Danielle P.


Along with local produce and our own preserves, we also carry these local goods and specialties. All our products are sourced responsibly.

LOCAL EGGS:<br> We get Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs right down the road at Woolly Egg Ranch.<br> Great Valley Poultry provides us Organic and Cage Free Chicken Eggs.<br>Our delicious Duck Eggs come from Doan Farm.<br>LOCAL EGGS
    <li>Red Walnuts</li>
    <li>English Walnuts</li>
    <li>Macadamia Nuts</li>
    <li>Seasoned Almonds</li>
    <li>Thai Chili Lime Cashews</li>
    <li>Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds</li>
    <li>Sprouted Sunflower Seeds</li>
FIG BARS: <ul>
  	<li>Fig Bars</li>
  	<li>Apple Cinnamon Fig Bars</li>
  	<li>Raspberry Fig Bars</li>
  	<li>Strawberry Fig Bars</li>
  	<li>Peach Apricot Fig Bars</li>
  	<li>Blueberry Fig Bars</li></ul>FIG BARS
DRIED FRUIT: <ul><li>Sun Dried Apricots</li>
  	<li>Sun Dried Figs</li>
  	<li>Sun Dried Bananas</li>
  	<li>Sun Dried Mangos</li>
  	<li>Dried Pineapple</li>
  	<li>Dried Blueberries</li>
  	<li>Crystalized Ginger</li>
SEASONAL FLOWERS:<br> We offer flowers varieties as they come into season, so you always get the freshest<br> and lowest environmental impact blooms year round.FLOWERS
LOCAL HONEY:<br> We source our honey from Rusty's Farm and from Marin Coastal Bee CompanyLOCAL HONEY
LOCAL OLIVE OIL & VINEGAR: <br>Bariani Olive Oil <br> Hue De  Laroque Olive Oil & VinegarOLIVE OIL & VINEGAR
  	<li>Chocolate Almonds</li>
  	<li>Chocolate Raisins</li>
  	<li>Amai Raw Chocolate Bananas</li>
  	<li>Yogurt Pretzels</li>
  	<li>Peanut Butter Pretzels</li>
  	<li>Corn Nuts</li>
  	<li>Dark Chocolate Trail Mix</li>
  	<li>Rainbow Trail Mix</li>

"I have spent much time talking with Josh, and he with me. I feel we have discovered an unknown GEM! We now do all our produce and fruit shopping there FIRST, as well as all the wonderful pickled and fermented delicacies and jams, etc. Josh is so open and willing to talk all about the products and processes to make these handmade foods, that my wife and I are HOOKED! FYI: I am from a farm and my folks from Kentucky. My Grandmother ALWAYS canned, pickled, and cooked, and gardened. This is a lost art, and I (we) fully support and encourage it! Thank you so much!"
Bill and Leslie


Ceceilia's Gardens Farm Stand

Corner of Highway 1 & Tennessee Valley Rd, Mill Valley, CA
Winter: Nov 26-Feb 13: Fri-Sun 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Spring: Feb 14-May 1: Thurs-Sun 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Summer: May 2-Sept 1st: Wed-Sun 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Fall: Sept 2-Nov 25th: Wed-Sun 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Stonestown Farmers Market

3251 20th Ave, San Francisco, CA
Sunday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Tahoe Food Hub

150 Alpine Meadows Rd. Alpine Meadows, CA
Jan 5-Mar 31: Thurs & Fri 1:00-6:00 pm
May 25-Sept 30: Wed-Thurs-Fri 1:00-6:00 pm

Ceceilia's Gardens Farm Stand
Highway 1 & Tennessee Valley Road,  Mill Valley,  CA
831 421 1713

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